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A forum in which experienced church leaders share their knowledge about ministry leadership. Find out more on our Did You Know page.

Read Karl Vaters 's bioNEW! Featured Question: What are some examples of ways small churches can think innovatively?

Karl Vaters Responds:

A church called Convergence in Irvine, California, meets in a theater in the mall. That isn't unusual; a lot of churches do that because a theater is easy to rent on Sunday morning. But the ...

Doug FranklinQuestion:
How do you see what's happening in youth ministry right now potentially influencing the church in the future?

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Clint and Penny BraggQuestion:
How can a church best respond when a couple announces their intention to separate or divorce?

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Joe N. McKeeverQuestion:
What should a pastor communicate to the congregation after a natural disaster or tragedy strikes?

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Chuck WarnockQuestion:
How can a pastor of a small church create healthy boundaries to protect personal and family time?

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Clint and Penny BraggQuestion:
How should a church talk about marriage to single people? How can it best prepare them?

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