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How do you interpret and apply Scripture?

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Fredrick Parker

May 15, 2015  4:18am

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Fredrick Parker

February 12, 2015  3:30am

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January 05, 2012  8:13am

While I very much applaud the intent of this quiz (love it, in fact), the questions themselves manifest a high level of bias against a kingdom (christo-centric) approach to the scriptures. Each question expects an answer along a 1 dimensional (conservative-liberal) continuum when in reality, many of these questions cannot be captured by a simple "low-med-high" approach. There is another "dimension" available which is being neglected. Note question 16 especially: The belief that capital punishment is the god-given role of the state (but that the Christian should have no part in it) is completely orthogonal to how the question is written. Some of us can't answer it as written.

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Matt Ellenwood

December 09, 2010  1:15pm

It was not hard for me to read too much into the questions. For example #1 The Bible is: What version of the bible are we talking about. I suppose as a conservative I would argue that there are really only a few reliable versions written in english. But some use the Living Bible or The Message as the Bible. In these cases I would say that those bibles are not the inspired words of God.

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Gil Munoz

September 18, 2010  12:41am

On enough issues, the options left out important possible answers. For example, on the Sabbath, the given options were between choosing a literal Saturday observance, or choosing some form of Sunday observance. What about Rom 14 telling us that it is ok for some to regard every day alike? I am a conservative (and tested so), but I choose not to observe any particular day as a Sabbath. Rather, should we not seek for every day in our lives to be holy for the Lord, sacrificing all that we are and all that we have in constant obedience to Him (Rom 12:1)? This quiz and the author's thoughts create a false dichotomy between holding onto things like OT stand on homosexuality, but letting go of things like the Sabbath. Is humanity's understanding of who God is and what what He asks of us not supposed to change as He reveals more of Himself and His plan unfolds throughout history?

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