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What Is Your Church Apgar Score?

A new way to measure spiritual vitality.

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Read the full article on finding your church's Apgar score at LeadershipJournal.net.

Topics:Assessment, Christlikeness, Evaluation, Fruit of the spirit, Measuring ministry, Obedience, Spiritual Growth, Transformation
Filters:Discipleship, Pastor, Shepherd
References:Matthew 28:20, Acts 2:42-27, Revelation 2:1-3:22

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Gary Sweeten

August 10, 2012  8:44pm

The greatest value of this kind of check list is self evaluation rather than evaluation of others. I think it can foster a good conversation about spiritual fervor, so Bravo!

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November 22, 2010  5:20pm

It was a pretty good assessment, a good rating tool. With the exception of the "Power" question, I think we can relate well to all of the questions. Our belief is that all miracles ceased with the death of the last apostle, since to be able to do a miracle, you had to be an apostle. No apostles left on earth today if you read the requiements for being an apostle in Acts.

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The Church Jumpstarter

August 25, 2010  2:33am

The Church Apgar should help many discouraged pastors of small churches where megachurches are held out as the standard to which one must measure up.


August 18, 2010  7:50pm

I am at a cross-roads where I am pondering do I want any more involvement with the institution referred to as "church." I am fully committed to Jesus Christ and as a result I question of today's use and necessity of an institution that has so wrongly used the term "church." This assessment has renewed some hope for me that maybe my congregation of affiliation can change from just an institution to being the place that Christ intended for God's Glory. Thank you for providing such a simple yet effective tool for bringing much needed change!

George Newman

August 17, 2010  7:22pm

I really loved the simplicity of the Assessment. That it is a Biblically-based Assessment increases the value for myself and the congregation I serve in. Application of the Word to our situations is always the best solution to any problem. Thanks for sharing!

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