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Take a Deep Breath
Appreciate the breath of life by connecting with the One who is in control of all.

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Leadership Transitions: Let Go
What is the outgoing leader’s responsibility in transition?

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Leadership Transitions: Increase the Odds for Success
Questions for leaders in transition.

Make Your Days Count
Leadership lessons from a cancer survivor about living life to the full.

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A One-Word Recruiting Strategy
People want to do substantial kingdom work; you just need to ask.

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Extend the Christmas Season
Thankfulness is a value worth instilling.

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The Top 10 Downloads of 2013
The most popular topics from the last year.

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A Gift from a Church to Its Community
The best gift any church can offer to its community is found in the pews, not the collection plate.

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Four Keys to Effective Communications
Develop a lens through which to examine—plan and evaluate—communication pieces.

How to be a Relational Hero
When a good relationship freezes over, someone often needs to do something out of the ordinary.

Just Focus
Be deliberate in your approach to ministry and do more of what you do best.

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Bill Hybels and ... Taylor Swift?
Four takeaways from the 2013 Global Leadership Summit.

Are Your Church Facilities an Obstacle to Growth?
Assess the message your building and facilities send to visitors and guests.

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Relationships Matter Because ...
Everyone can extend a hand, build a friendship—and make a difference.

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Five Reasons to Love Today's Church
In a critical culture, it's good to focus on the good things that are still happening.

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