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4 Reasons Volunteers Stay
Fresh data shows a valuable trait ascribed to church volunteers: commitment.

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5 Questions Every Mission Trip Leader Asks
You can't plan for everything.

Welcoming the Stranger into Church
How churches can best respond to immigration issues.

63 Ways to Say "Thank You, Dad"
It's time to change what we say to fathers.

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The Most Important Conversation of the Day
Kids know when it happens—be prepared to make the most of this valuable time.

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Upside-Down Leadership
What leadership looks like—and how it happens—in a house church context.

A Fresh Take on a Familiar Story
Well-chosen stories have the power to challenge and to teach..

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What Is the Future of Leadership?
It's our students. We asked youth ministry expert Doug Franklin how best to prepare them.

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Take a Deep Breath
Appreciate the breath of life by connecting with the One who is in control of all.

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Leadership Transitions: Let Go
What is the outgoing leader’s responsibility in transition?

Leadership Transitions: Increase the Odds for Success
Questions for leaders in transition.

Make Your Days Count
Leadership lessons from a cancer survivor about living life to the full.

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A One-Word Recruiting Strategy
People want to do substantial kingdom work; you just need to ask.

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Extend the Christmas Season
Thankfulness is a value worth instilling.

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The Top 10 Downloads of 2013
The most popular topics from the last year.

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