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Top 10 Downloads of 2012
The most popular topics from the last year.

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5. Welcoming Visitors

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Nowhere is this phrase more accurate than in the church. These brief and practical handouts equip your congregation to welcome visitors and make them feel at home. You'll explore what works and what does not work when welcoming visitors, and there are specific handouts for greeters and ushers, two important visitor ministries. Each handout can be used at a meeting with your team or to pass out individually to those looking for guidance.

4. Spiritual Warfare

How often does your church talk about spiritual warfare? Whether it's a frequently taught subject or one hardly discussed, it is essential that you prepare those in your church to identify and respond to the forces of evil that tempt and oppress. The practical articles in this resource will help you and those you lead learn to identify spiritual oppression, counsel oppressed individuals, and fight the forces that do not want to see God's good work done in your church.

3. Homosexuality

Ask people on the street what they think Christianity stands for, and many of them will list ""anti-gay"" near the top of the list. As cultural conversation on sexuality continues to get louder, it is absolutely essential that your church know how to talk about homosexuality well and how to better love and minister to LGBT people.

2. Usher/Greeter

Develop a better understanding of the duties and roles of a church usher/greeter with this training tool. Consider the biblical background of the role, what is at work when the offering occurs, the importance of welcoming guests, and strategies for keeping your church safe.

1. Using Feedback to Improve Preaching and Teaching

No matter how many hours you spend preparing a sermon or lesson, something simple or avoidable could be keeping your audience from hearing the message. It could be a subconscious habit you didn't realize you had, a style of delivery that isn't connecting with your audience, or even a volume problem (that could be easily solved with some microphone adjustments). By taking time to obtain feedback from a select group, you can gain valuable insight that will make your preaching and teaching much more effective.

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