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A Better Way to Recruit
Is your current approach to plugging in volunteers helping or hurting your mission?

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Ask a team of 3-4 people in your church to do this research and report back what they have found. Then use the following questions to focus discussion among your leaders about how to best accomplish the work Christ has given your church:

  1. On which side of the chart do most of our scores fall?
  2. Are the results of this assessment consistent with our previous perceptions?
  3. Which items seem to be most important to address?
  4. What activities do we engage in that have brought us to this point? Can they, or should they, be changed?
  5. What steps would be involved in moving toward an individual approach to lay ministry, and away from an institutional approach?

See What Every Pastor Should Know: 101 Rules for Effective Church Leadership by Gary McIntosh & Charles Arn (Baker Books), for more practical tools on this and other topics related to church health/growth.

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