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What is Spiritual Leadership?
It differs from plain, ol' leadership. Henry Blackaby's checklist.

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While spiritual leadership involves many of the same principles as general leadership, spiritual leadership has certain distinctive qualities that must be understood and practiced if spirit-ual leaders are to be successful.

  1. The spiritual leader's task is to move people from where they are to where God wants them to be. This is influence. Once spiritual leaders understand God's will, they make every effort to move their followers from following their own agendas to pursuing God's purposes. People who fail to move people to God's agenda have not led. They may have exhorted, cajoled, pleaded, or bullied, but they will not have led until their people have adjusted their lives to God's will.
  2. Spiritual leaders depend on the Holy Spirit. Spiritual leaders work within a paradox, for God calls them to do something that, in fact, only God can do. Ultimately, spiritual leaders cannot produce spiritual change in people; only the Holy Spirit can accomplish this. Yet the Spirit often uses people to bring about spiritual growth in others.
  3. Spiritual leaders are accountable to God. Spiritual leadership necessitates an acute sense of accountability. Just as a teacher has not taught until students have learned, leaders don't blame their followers when they don't do what they should do. Leaders don't make excuses. They assume their responsibility is to move people to do God's will.
  4. Spiritual leaders can influence all people, not just God's people. God's agenda applies to the marketplace as well as the meeting place. Although spiritual leaders will generally move God's people to achieve God's purposes, God can use them to exert significant godly influence upon unbelievers.
  5. Spiritual leaders work from God's agenda. The greatest obstacle to effective spiritual leadership is people pursuing their own agendas rather than seeking God's will.

Too often, people assume that along with the role of leader comes the responsibility of determining what should be done. They develop aggressive goals. They dream grandiose dreams. They cast grand visions. Then they pray and ask God to join them in their agenda and bless their efforts. That's not what spiritual leaders do. (They) seek God's will, then marshal their people to pursue God's plan.

—from Spiritual Leadership
by Henry and Richard Blackaby
(Broadman & Holman, 2001)

Topics:Character & integrity, Leadership, Leadership styles, Planning, Servanthood, Spiritual Leadership
Filters:Church staff, Discipleship, Elder, Pastor, Pastoral care, Prayer, Preaching, Shepherd
References:Romans 12:8, 1 Timothy 3:1-13, 1 Timothy 4:14, 1 Timothy 5:17-20, Titus 1:5-11

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Rev. Terrence Shea

August 14, 2014  11:17am

What is described here is not strictly spiritual leadership but more religious leadership, in the sense that it is more about indoctrination (and Ido not use the term pejoratively) and not leadership at all. I'm grateful to Joe Vaka for the injection of "influencing people towards positive change" This is leadership. Positive change comes from within and is never imposed from without. Education is by definiton leading people "out off" and never into. Even Jesus said this!

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Nick Kennedy Sr

March 14, 2013  1:02pm

Leaders are usually chosen. First each of us must be aware of the spiritual qualities a leader must have to begin with. The scriptures tell us what they are. In Acts 6 the words are "who are known to be" and not good old Joe.

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Kelly Jean

September 03, 2012  4:19pm

Great stuff! Anyone know what page number in the book, Spiritual Leadership, this would be found on?

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Michael Eastwood Coffie

August 26, 2011  8:16am

want to know how spiritul leadership is all about and want to be come one in this generation.

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Fannie Craft

June 23, 2011  3:57pm

This just what the people really need to hear as well know, in order to enlarge the Kingdom. As stated excellent.

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